Kinda back

My wife and I have a house now. Things are coming along. We still have some stuff to do to it, but so far it’s just small stuff that will better organize our stuff.

My grandpa passed away on nov 19th. He was my best friend, my father figure, my everything. I still think about him all day long and think about everything I will not be able to share with him. I’m so thankful to spend the years that I did with him and he was able to see me walk down the aisle, but I just want more time with him.

I’m busy at work. Delivering all these packages to everyone in hopes they get to the recipient by Christmas.

I haven’t seen my family since August, but I’ll be able to drive home to see them with my wife on Christmas Eve and come back the day after Christmas. I just might not have a day off in between that.

I’m trying to control my friend relationship that I have a hard time with, but lately it’s been really hard. Especially when all I wanna do is call her out on all her shit, but then I realize she doesn’t care and everything will be my fault. What is a girl to do? It’s sad how our friendship is, but I really have no idea how to make it better when we both don’t try. I have good communication with all my friends but with her it’s the worse and again I have no idea how to improve it. Hmmm. Oh well.

If I’m not on here before Christmas, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that everyone is safe!!


Sorry I’ve been m.i.a lately. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house, so I’ve just been super stressed out. Hopefully, we will close by 10/18. Positive vibes my way please!!


So last Friday night after my dog walking job my mother in law and step dad in law came to our apartment and we ordered Chinese food. Then we got an uber and made our way to the airport. While going through the security check my bag got held up (mind you I’ve been using this backpack that came from my wife’s mothers closet where it has been for 5 years!) anyway the tsa cakes for a bag check then they asked if I had anything sharp I said no. So she dig around this backpack has a million zippers and she didn’t find anything so she sent it back through and they said I had a knife I was like whoa no I don’t and she found the pocket again and there was a Swiss Army knife behind my tampons!!! Oh man I felt like I fool. I was like can we just get rid of it I haven’t seen that and she said yes you can surrender it I said ok then she assured me that my “knife” was mild comparing to what others have forgotten in their bags. Then, we made our way to a bar cuz I need a stiff one after that and we watched the Seahawks win. After that we got on the plane (I don’t like planes) and we got delayed gettin out so we didn’t land until 2 am!!! Then we waited on the car rental shuttle and got to the hotel around 3am!!! We woke up about 9am got showered and headed to the Stanley hotel which was amazing!!! Perfect venue!! I got to meet more of the cousins on my wife’s side and aunts and other relatives it was amazing they all are so caring and loving! The wedding was amazing and beautiful we also had some elk come right by where we were eating!! Then us cousins went into a spooky concert hall and got spooked then my wife and I went with our cousins, aunt and grandma to their condo and spent time talking and we finally went to bed around midnight! We got up and my aunt had biscuits and gravy waiting for us and coffee. Then more family came over and we got to visit a little more. We then took a ride up to the Rocky Mountain national park and saw the beautiful views. After that it was time to catch our plane ride home! It was a short trip but well worth it minus the plane rides (they actually were really smooth landings) I had a blast and I love my in law family!!! I can’t wait to go back to Denver!!

Catching up

I made it through my work week. I felt like last week took longer than normal for some reason. I’m getting to know the people on my route a lot better which is nice. There’s one dog that I’m still not 100% sure about there’s just something in his eyes that I don’t fully trust.

On Sunday my wife and I met up with our really good friends Star and Leh at it was so yummy. I wish they would of let us sit outside though. I love hanging out with our friends star and leh because they are so easy to talk to and there’s no competitiveness and we all just support each other. They are moving into a new apartment this weekend and I think it will be so much better for them. Also, they will be in queen anne which we will have a place to hang out before and after a storm game.


Speaking of Seattle storm they went to Chicago and just killed the sky! Which is what we needed! They play the atlanta dream tomorrow and we also need that win as well.

On Friday night my wife, mother in law, step father in law, and I will be flying to colorado for my cousin in law’s wedding. I’m super excited I’ve never been there and she’s getting married at the stanley hotel which inspired stephen king to write the shinning. it will be fun to meet more of my new family members as well. I think after this wedding I’ll meet most if not all of my wife’s family which is amazing.

I think that is all for now. Until next time.


It’s Friday!!! I wish it was Saturday already!! I can’t wait to sleep in on Sunday and do nothing with my wife!

I have so much stuff going on in my head. I want to be a mother soon I want my wife and I to get a house so we can get out of our apartment! And it’s all a waiting game and I’m not really well at waiting!!

We have submitted all our financial stuff to our lender and I guess we are waiting to see what they think we can afford or for them to tell us what we can afford I’m not sure what we are really waiting for. I just want to house hunt see houses and get one! Most of the ones we are looking at aren’t that expensive we don’t want anything crazy since it’s our first house. We want to still be able to live and enjoy life and travel.

Also my wife is trying to get into respiratory therapy program and I just want a baby!! I support my wife 110% and she does so well in school even if she thinks she doesn’t. We can’t wait to be parents but I guess first things first and we should just hope and pray we get a house first…. positive vibes welcome…

Also the Seattle storm beat the lynx the number one team in the WNBA on Wednesday and it was an amazing game and hopefully they beat Kelsey plum and her San Antonio stars 🤞🏼

Ok I guess I better get ready to clock into work and I have dog walking after work!!!


On Saturday afternoon while I was at work I got a text from a friend that I met in college. We hadn’t really talked since we both left college and we have both been busy with life and other stuff. I was super excited for this text. She ended up inviting my wife and I over to hang out with her and check out the Fremont Sunday Market.

After my wife and I woke up and got coffee (most important part of any day) we ventured up to Seattle. We talked for awhile then we decided to walk to the market. We browsed for a while then we decided to check out a bar to get some grub our first choice was the back door but since it wasn’t open yet we went to the ballroom which is an amazing place. We talked more there then we deiced to venture back to her place to hang out more and to catch up more.


We got back there and ended up hanging out til about 8pm or so and finally calling it a night since she and my wife had to work Monday. We had a full day of laughter and good conversations and great drinks.


I’m just reminded that people come into your life and we all come from different experiences and go through different paths in life one isn’t better than the other and sometimes it takes us a while to get where we are going, but if we are patient and keep trying to better ourselves we will get what we are after. I’ve had many jobs throughout my life some were fun and some paid well to get me by and now i’m in a job where i have more flexibility and there are so many other job titles i could go for if i wanted to.


any way in a time that we are in right now it just makes me appreciate the friends that care and that want to hang out with me and i hope to impact their lives in a positive way and they know who i am and that they accept me for me and love me regardless of my flaws. we are all here for a short amount of time and we need to utilize the good things in life.

Family -weekend

After I clocked out of work on Thursday at 3:30pm I drove for about 4 hours to Okanogan, WA to where I was greeted by my 10 year old nephew, 6 year old niece, and 3 year old niece. I helped my sister give them showers and then we got ready for bed. We woke up early friday morning and drove back to Seatac, WA. Once we got back around 2pm my wife was already home from work and was ready for all the jelly I was bringing her way. We then got the swimsuits on and went to Angle Park and played in the water park area and then my nephew NEEDED to jump off the dock in the lake so of course  I let him do that. After that we had some food then went to 7-eleven to load up on some snacks. We then went to the Tukwila community center (maybe a little too early) and prepared to watch SING on a big screen outside. It was perfect! We all crashed around 10:30pm. Saturday morning me and my girls were up early so we went and got coffee for everyone and let my wife and nephew sleep in a little more. After coffee we got my nephew a hair cut at super cuts and he looks fresh to death. Then, we went to toys r us to blow some money they saved from working around my sisters house and helping our mom out. After toys r us we spent 4 hours at bullwinkle’s family fun center where we played arcade games, lazer tag, we went on the go karts, ate food, and played more games. It was amazing! Then, we ventured to SubZero  for some amazing ice cream. I always wanted to take them there and finally was able to and they loved it there. Then we decided to take a nice walk at the des moines marina and out on the dock where we saw a sea lion. Once we got home we got them showered, fed, and face timed their mom. Sunday we got up early and headed to blewett to me my sister and her boyfriend half way to give them their children back. All in all it was a great weekend and i miss them already. I’m so happy my family loves my wife as much as she loves them. She is so good with them and they just adore her so much.

Day off


I started a new side job of sitting, walking, and boarding dogs. It has taken off. I had no idea there’s so many people looking for such things, but it makes sense having a dog is like having a child and sometimes you don’t want to take said dog with you or you can’t. So far I have walked a pit bull/ terrior mix. She is soooooo happy. She doesn’t bark when I come in to get her and she mostly just does her thing which consists of smelling every blade of grass. I walk her again this afternoon and then tomorrow after work.

I met with a guy today that has a yellow lab that I have to go check in on. She’s super fun to very friendly and low maintenance. Also, tonight I’m meeting with a PUPPY (beagle) to see if we can board her for ten days starting next week. I really want to, but my wife is hesitant. 1. it’s a puppy… 2. hopefully it doesn’t scratch or nibble on our things… and 3. she’s worried about our cats (insert eye roll) BUT I think this would be good practice for our cats since we DO plan on getting dogs in the future. In addition, our cats NEED to be put in their places they have been living a carefree life and they need some drama to keep them on their toes. Dutch doesn’t give Mazy the attention she needs to maybe having a few different dogs around will help her with her attention needs.


I started my new route on Monday and I LOVE IT! I have great views of the water and I see ferries coming and going.. not sure where they are going, but I think it’s to vanshon island. I haven’t had any problems with dogs on my route. They just have been barking loudly from inside. I think bees are probably my biggest problem. I have hills… some stairs but mostly hills. I don’t get that many packages and there’s not that many letters. I start earlier, I get off earlier, and there’s NO TRAFFIC. I was thinking about getting on my works over time list, but I don’t want to in fall and winter because it will get dark earlier but with this dog stuff I may not have to. It’s kinda funny at my real job I’m not supposed to talk to dogs, pet dogs, etc and then I come home and go play with dogs.


I’m not sure how this blog stuff works, but I will be writing about things on my mind, friends, family, outdoors, sports, randomness, maybe some song lyrics, and so forth. So you are warned. I think that’s all I have on my mind for now. I’ll leave you with this lyric..


“I got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away and I’ll be okay. I’m not big on social graces think I’ll slip on down to the oases. Ohhhhhh I got friends in low places.”